Thursday, 10 May 2012

In the beginning.....

Well, here is our first blog post.  So far we have been in Japan for a week and in North Queensland for a week.  Yet to come are trips to Malaysia (June, diving), Costa Rica (September, diving & surfing), the USA (October, climbing) and Micronesia (December, diving), with a couple months in North Queensland (from mid-July to mid-September) for some fishing.

So far Cor has been held at immigration twice in two countries, once due to her not having a visa for Japan (and needing one!) and once because the Aussie immigration department made a mistake with her visa 3 years ago.  This does not bode well given our travel plans above!

Japan was good, not as different as I was expecting.  All in all it was just as busy as London, with people who are far more polite and eager to help.  As always I did the navigation and Coreen speaks to the locals, the very definition of teamwork.  My tattoo went well, and we had an awesome time going out for beers and top sushi with the tattooist (Genko) after the two days of work.  All in all I can't wait to go back to Japan to explore further afield beyond Nagoya and Tokyo.

The last week with Mum and Dad in Ingham has been great, four days of camping and hiking on Hinchinbrook Island, and two days of fishing.  I haven't been as successful with the fishing as last time but Cor is right on it so we have had two good feeds of fish with more in the fridge.

Next to come is fun with Cor's family in Singapore and then onto Mabul in Malaysia for diving.

Until next time.... here are a few pics.

A temple in Japan

Paperbark swamp on Hinchinbrook

Sunset on Hinchinbrook

Cor and one of her fish

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  1. Hey you two! You are living my dream! Have a blast - will be following you all the way and trying not to get too jealous. Want to see a photo of the body art pls Matt