Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Everything for Everyone

I know I am late on my blog posts.  Hey, here’s a crazy idea, maybe Coreen can do one of these and lend her writing skills to this blog?  Well until then I will try to catch up a little bit.

We left Tassie and our latest WWoOF assignment at the end of May, and took the ferry to Victoria, stopping off at my sister’s on the way to a reunion of friends in Gundagai and after this on to North Queensland where a doctor with a drill was standing by to sort out my serially annoying sinus issues.

It was great to see my sister, her partner Ant and their lovely daughter Amelie.  I really love that kid, and can’t believe how much she grows and learns with every passing day.  It is truly amazing.  We had a great day out at Bright together and I can certainly see why it attracts the crowds in summer.  A few sneaky tapas at the Ginger Baker and a coffee at the Café Velo, all followed by an ale at the Bright brewery makes this a great little foodie stop and sent us rolling down the hill home.
You can't be serious?!

See? Cute, but with a taste for mischief!
Onto Gundagai for our little reunion of Aussie friends, all of whom we met in London.  Why Gundagai?  Why indeed!  It just happened to be halfway between the Sydneysiders and the Melbournites, and locating a farmstay there with enough cottages to fit 16 adults plus kids was exactly what was required.  Besides, with a tennis court, plenty of room to sit around chatting, lots of options for walks on the farm plus Shetland ponies for the kids, we really had all we needed to make our own fun.  Though it was bemusing to be the only childless/non-pregnant couple at the reunion, and the only ones with single beds!  You would think we would be the ones still actually having sex…. ;)
Katie and Madeleine

Dan and Cath's little girl, Claudia

Kevy and Mads

Some things are simple:  kids love ponies.
What resulted was a great weekend, catching up with old friends, meeting a few new people, and having a lot of fun.  There was clucking over kids, a bit of cricket and tennis, a couple of walks in the hills, the drinking of a few beers, a fire in a drum, lots of talk about the number of stars you could see, and a general feeling that despite the time that had passed and the physical distance between some of us, nothing had changed the strength of our friendships.

Great cricket

Great walking

Great fire

Great view

Great crew
Everyone seemed very interested in the progress we had made since chucking it all in, and were all really supportive.  It was a great boost to have so many people promise to come visit once we have it up and running (whenever that may be).  After all, we aren’t becoming farmers to become complete social outcasts, nor should we!  The weekend was a reminder how much we had really missed these guys over the past 18 months.

After the fun of the weekend, with sad hearts we said our goodbyes and Cor and I reluctantly rolled out in Chuck the truck, starting a 4-day driving trip 2,400 kms north to Ingham.  And that’s where we are now, waiting on a man with a drill…..

Until next time, remember that the good life is waiting for you too.

PS.  Sorry to those we didn't put up photos of, not all of them came out great.  Besides, any more photos of kids and we are going to turn into one of those "oversharenting" blogs!

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