Sunday, 24 November 2013

Our Mates' Environmental Challenges

When you buy a farm, you aren't just buying the land.  You are also buying into the environmental stewardship (or otherwise) of all the previous owners.  We kind of knew this, but it wasn't until we did some digging about in those cluttered sheds, and had a really good poke around the corners of the property, that the scale of the challenges we now face became apparent.  It is certainly a good reminder that our own stewardship will be judged by the standards of our children, not our own.

5 apple bins of rubbish and counting.... someone obviously lost the directions to the dump.

Lots of stuff that we won't be needing.  Ever.  One of them even reads: Contains boron, kills bees.  I mean seriously, how messed up is that?

Got some metal to get rid of?  Just chuck it in the fire and it.... oh wait, no, it's still there.  Shit.  Should we try and burn it again?

The foundations of an old building, ripped up and piled up together where it can disappear into the grass.  Why?  Who the hell knows?

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