Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Welcome to our new farmhand!

Just when I think I can’t get any more impressed, amazed or in love with Coreen (soppy, I know, but this is the only bit that is - feel free to skip on if you like), she goes and has our baby with so much stoicism in the face of incredible pain that it takes my breath away, while in the process setting the bar so much higher for me to live up to.

I could tell you the whole story about what happened, but the best stories are told with flourishes in the right places to the right audience, so I will save it for when we meet in person (a hint: it starts with her being so tough she hadn’t noticed she was in labour).

So straight on to business… it’s a boy!  Julian Li Xun Tack.  Born 07/07/14, 3.745kg, or 8lbs 4oz in old money, 53cms long (a legal sized fish anywhere you go) and with a big head of hair.  He’s ugly, but then all kids are ugly when they are born, you just have to love them anyway.  I don’t know how he slept through Germany thrashing Brazil 7-1 this morning but I am sure that was just a temporary anomaly.

So that is it, our new farmhand is here, we just have to grow him (like everything else on the farm) up to a point where he will be more useful than a smelly paperweight.

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