Monday, 16 February 2015

Time to recharge the batteries

We had a lot of family visiting over the Christmas and New Year period.  Our farm house was supposed to be finished, and the fact that it wasn’t could have been very stressful with my two sisters, our niece, my parents and Cor’s parents, plus our friends Scott, Sarah and their boy Zach all visiting over this period.  Fitting up to 8 people into the house we are staying in proved a logistical challenge, but it wasn’t the stressful occasion that I was expecting.  Instead, the house bustled with a wonderful kind of energy, people picking up Julian and playing with him, reading to him, helping us with cooking, cleaning, gardening and farm work. Having Julian may have acted as a catalyst to get everyone to visit us here in Tasmania, and we aren’t complaining one bit.

With everyone here we cooked, we chatted, we worked, but most importantly, after a really busy run up to Christmas, we recharged our batteries.

It was really great to have everyone here, it acted as a real circuit breaker in our daily routines and gave us a chance to step back and reassess where we were going.  It brought us to a crossroads in the life of our farm, which we will look at in our next post.  For now, here are the pics….

The Ungs and their boy Julian

Charlene and Julian

Our niece Amelie arrives!

Family photo!

The last Tack boys

Big cousin looking after "baby doolean"

Princess doing her job

Who would have thought a vegetarian would love wheelbarrowing a pig?

We kinda grow a bit of fruit here in Tasmania

Duckingham Palace, a construction brought to you by the Tack men

Wood?  Sorted!

Southport rocks!

Amelie liked the farm, but next time she wants to hang out with the cows!

Zach helps feed the pigs

Zach wants in on story time!

Julian was fascinated by his new mate

Julian's first haircut was well overdue, thanks Jo!

Bottling our beer

Julian and Dad at the Luminarium during the Mona Festival

Aunty Bee and Tony here, just before Chinese New Year, when the rest of the family descend!

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